We specialise in white metal journal and thrust bearings for rotating plant, bespoke laser cut parts and electrical steel laminations for the energy and power sectors across the UK, Europe and the World, including...
power generation

Power generation

Coleherne supply and refurbish White Metal Bearings for applications in coal, nuclear, gas and hydro-power plants for use in turbines, generators, pumps, motors and gearboxes.

Kingsbury’s LEG direct lubrication bearings are preferred for new steam or gas turbines due to their low power loss and high load capacity while their equalising bearings are the industry standard for hydro turbine applications.

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Coleherne’s flooded journal bearings are widely used for standard pumps, high speed compressors and high load gearboxes.

For even higher speeds and higher loads in compressors or gearboxes the ideal solution may be tilting pad bearings.  Kingsbury’s LEG (Leading Edge Groove) thrust and journal bearings or BPG (Between Pad Groove) journal bearings.

heavy industry

Heavy Industry

Coleherne supplies White Metal bearings for large industrial gear boxes and compressors with cylindrical, elliptical and offset bore configurations.

We also supply oil ring lubricated White Metal bearings for electric motors, pumps and fans.



Coleherne meets the requirements of the UK Ministry of Defence specifications for quality, production and inspection.

Kingsbury Inc supply the United States Navy with its flooded style tilting pad thrust bearings and sleeve type journal bearings.

industrial equipment

Industrial Equipment

Coleherne supply locomotive axle bearings and bushes for train braking systems.

Our laser division supplies parts for the pharmaceutical and food packaging sectors. Our laminations division supplies electrical steel laminations for motors, generators and pumps.

built environment

Built Environment

Our laser division can create aesthetically pleasing and precise repeatable forms for architectural, landscaping, street furniture or public arts. Our bespoke laser cut parts bring ideas to life.

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