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Coleherne Ltd is a family owned engineering and manufacturing business
and has been in operation since 1905 with around 65 employees and 10,000m² of manufacturing space.


1905 – Established under our former name as “The Glyco Metal Company”. Initially developing and marketing the “Glyco” range of anti-friction white metals worldwide. Subsequently progressing to the manufacture and repair of plain and white metal lined bearings.

1983 – Company name changed to Coleherne Ltd, relocated to our current location.  and entered into a sole UK and North European agreement with our partners  Kingsbury Inc.   They are world leaders in fluid film bearing design and manufacture with a comprehensive range of tilting pad thrust and journal bearing assemblies.

1989 – BSI accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:1987

1991 – Business expansion into CNC subcontract precision Laser cutting.

1995 – Introduction of KingCole non-equalizing thrust bearing. Joint manufacturing between Kingsbury and Coleherne.

1997 – “Product of the Year Award” (Manufacturing Industry Achievement Award).

2005 – Representation for Kingsbury extends to Eastern Europe.

2014 – 20th year of “Modern Apprenticeship”.  Launch of the white metal bearing performance program for plain journal bearings in co-operation with Loughborough University.

2018 – BSI accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Coleherne white metal bearings are used by companies throughout the UK and Europe.  We are an approved supplier to private and public sectors of the engineering industry.

Our range of white metal bearings is continuously changing to cover larger and more sophisticated technical products demanded by advanced technology.

This means that we can supply everything from small tilting pad journal bearings for high speed compressors to large thrust and journal bearings for power generating equipment.

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