White Metal Bearing – Fitting Course

Coleherne Ltd offers a specialist White-Metal Bearing fitting courses designed to meet the needs of the Power Generation Industry, Rotary Engineers and Mechanical Engineering Fitters. Tuition for up to four Students/Engineers is held on two consecutive days within the customers’ workshops and training facilities.


Engineers/Students will acquire specialist knowledge in Rotating Equipment and Plant Machinery.

Day One

White-Metal Bearing Knowledge

  • Basic Principles of fluid film bearings
  • Identification and description of different white-metal bearing designs
    Bearing Materials
  • White-Metal Bearing – Practical Fitting Skills

Safety, Including COSHH

  • Selection, maintenance and use of specialist hand tools and consumables
  • Techniques and skills needed for scraping of White-Metal



Day Two

White-Metal Bearing – Knowledge

  • Identification of modes of Bearing failure
  • Recommendation for preventing bearing failure

White- Metal Bearing – Practical Fitting Skills

  • Comprehensive practical training in fitting and scraping of White-Metal Bearings on our training rigs
  • Introduction to appropriate NDT techniques and quality control


Training Outcomes

After training, the Engineer should have:

  1. Acquired knowledge and an understanding of the basic principles and styles of different White-Metal Bearing designs
  2. An understanding of Bearing failures and the confidence to give recommendations for improving bearing life
  3. The ability to use appropriate hand tools, consumables and practical skills for fitting for scraping and installation of White-Metal Bearings

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