Manufacturing Quality since 1905

For over a hundred years we have been manufacturing and repairing plain and White metal lined bearings supplying the majority of rotating and reciprocating plant makers. We are an approved supplier to all sectors of the engineering industry and the UK’S leading Laser Laminations manufacturer.

Since early 1980’s we engaged an agency agreement with our partners Kingsbury Inc. offering both tilting pad thrust and journal bearings including joint manufacturing products.

Over twenty years ago our business expanded further by introducing  Laser Cutting. We invested in a Trumpf Laser and today have become the UK’S leading Lamination manufacturer for the Power Industry. With continued investment Coleherne now have 2 Trumpf 5 KW Lasers that can Profile all your requirements.

Coleherne now offer a White Metal Bearing Repair Service


 CNC precision Laser cutting facilities

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We are proud to be awarded the Alstom certificate of approval for our Laser cutting services