White Metal Bearings

Manufacturing of White Metal Bearings to customer’s drawings has been the core of our business for over a hundred years.

We offer a bearing design and reverse engineering service where we can supply all the bearing performance calculations. We are approved suppliers to private and public sectors in the engineering, defence, maritime, oil & gas and electricity supply industries. We can supply small bearings for high speed compressors to large thrust and journal bearings for power generating equipment.

Wide Range Of Products

We can machine cylindrical, elliptical and multi-lobe profiles for our plain journal bearings.

We supply tilting pad journal & tilting pad thrust bearings, combined thrust and journal bearings, gearbox spindles, seals and baffles. Our range of journal and thrust bearings is continuously changing to cover larger and more sophisticated technical products demanded by advanced technology.

white metal bearing packagingwhite metal bearing product range
white metal bearing product range

Wide Range Of Materials

We keep an extensive range of Bronze, Gunmetal, Steel, Cast Iron and White Metal in stock.

Material certification and traceability is in compliance with international standards.

white metal bearings packagedwhite metal stock supplies
wmb stock taking

White Metal Lining

We use the Centrifugal Casting process that is backed-up by the Static Lining process.

Bonding of the White Metal to the backing material is checked by ultrasonic and dye penetrant testing.  This testing is done to the customer’s requirements by our Level 2 NDT operators.

white metal bearings ukwhite metal bearings foundry pouring
precision testing of white metal bearings

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