White metal services

White metal bearing repair services
We offer a full inspection on receipt procedure and bearing failure assessment

Refurbishment and repair

Coleherne offers a full inspection on receipt procedure and bearing failure assessment.

On approval of our repair quotation, we will conduct a full bearing refurbishment, final inspection and NDT process within our white metal bearing repair facility.

bearing ready for repair and inspectionHydrogen Seal inspection of face flatness and ramps with DTI
precision testing of white metal bearings


Coleherne Ltd offers a range of short, specialist White Metal Bearing fitting courses

Designed to meet the continual professional development (CPD) needs of the Power Generation Industry, Rotating Plant Engineers and Mechanical Engineering Fitters.

Coleherne training bearing assembly partsTheory training for a group of professional engineers
engineering technicians doing whitemetal bearing training

Kingsbury Inc

We are the UK-based agent for Kingsbury Inc, the world leader in fluid film bearing innovation since 1912.

Through Kingsbury Inc, we offer their patented Leading-Edge advanced lubrication technology that increases load capacity but reduces oil consumption, operating temperatures and power loss.

Kingsbury Journal Pad Bearing Assembly, partsKingsbury Combined Journal and Thrust Pad Bearing Assembly
Kingsbury Journal Pad Bearing Assembly showing oil flow

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