In the early 1980's we engaged in an agency agreement with our partners Kingsbury Inc., enabling us to offer both tilting pad thrust and journal bearings throughout the UK and Europe

Kingsbury Inc

We are the UK-based agent for Kingsbury Inc, the world leader in fluid film bearing innovation since 1912.

Through Kingsbury Inc, we offer their patented Leading-Edge advanced lubrication technology that increases load capacity but reduces oil consumption, operating temperatures and power loss.

Kingsbury Journal Pad Bearing Assembly, partsKingsbury Combined Journal and Thrust Pad Bearing Assembly
Kingsbury Journal Pad Bearing Assembly showing oil flow

LEG: Thrust & Journal BearingLEG-SL-1: Slimline LEG Thrust BearingsCH: Self-Lubricating Thrust/Journal BearingsEQH-1: Equalizing Thrust BearingsKC: KingCole Thrust BearingsNE: Non-Equalizing Thrust BearingsPJ: Pivoted Shoe Journal BearingsVK: Vertical Hydro Thrust BearingsBPG: Between Pad Groove Tilting Pad Journal Bearings


The Best Support in the Business

Since Dr. Albert Kingsbury invented the tilting-pad thrust bearing back in 1912, Kingsbury Inc. has remained the technological leader in babbitted fluid film thrust and journal bearings for all types of rotating machinery.

A commitment to value

Kingsbury provides more than the world's leading thrust and journal bearing technologies. They add value through expert service and support - before, during and after installation. As a result, every bearing they produce represents the greatest available value for the customer.

Manufacturing Versatility

Kingsbury maintains two integrated production facilities for the manufacturing of pre-engineered and customer bearings. They also have a full repair facility and a team of dedicated field service engineers who are all highly trained industry professionals.

Patented High-Efficiency LEG Technology

Only Kingsbury offers our patented Leading-Edge technology, an advanced method of lubrication that helps reduce oil consumption, operating temperatures and power loss, while increasing load capacity.

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