Electrical steel lamination

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Coleherne are proud of their reputation as the pioneers of a process of producing quality electrical steel laminations for the energy sector

We supply OEMs and the repair sector in Europe and the Americas.
We have extended our operations with the introduction of our new lamination presses, allowing us to improve consistency and quality whilst increasing output and efficiency.

Precisely accurate

Our process allows us to create incredibly thin (from 0.1mm / 0.004”) non-oriented electrical steel laminations and the finest detail (down to +/- 0.05mm / 0.002”)

Punched laminations allow for high quality and repeatability – crucial for the assembly of stator and rotor cores.

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Unsurpassed output levels

Two dedicated production plants

One for low volume laser cut parts and one for high volume punch presses that ensures we are competitive on price too. These 2 processes allow us to meet high volume repeat business and smaller quantities that can be customised.

Electrical steel laminationsLaminations, part being slotted
Laminations, parts being loaded ready for packing and despatch

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