Coleherne have been proud to have a reputation for supplying the finest quality laser cut products for industry. They are one of the pioneers of producing expert laminations in their Metal laser cutting process for the energy sector.

In the last few years Coleherne has also offered these same high levels of service to small businesses and start up companies looking for someone who can supply Laser cutting services.
We can create a diverse range of products on our 2 large laser cells, which run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can also help with the prototype design and CAD drawings too.

If you have a question call us free on 0161 366 6603

3m x 1.5m bed size

Holes can be tapped after cutting

Bending, drilling services

Most materials held in stock

24/7 operation

Expert laminations

Dedicated delivery team

Your order is properly prepared and packaged. It is then delivered by us to ensure it arrives safely and securely.